G.point is an entertaining adventure for a team of 2 to 4 people. The players enter a room and the door closes behind them. We thought through every little detail and interior design of the premises, which will allow you to fully submerge into the game environment. In order to pass the quest you have to find the exit using your intelligence and creativity to solve the puzzles. You can book the game online on our website or calling by phone. The rules are very simple, but if you want to know detailed instructions you will find them below.

1. To participate in the quest you need a team of 2 to 4 players. Children under 14 can play only accompanied by adults that must carry full responsibility for them. Players aged 14 and older can participate on their own. It has to do with the level of difficulty of certain tasks and decoration elements that can scare little children. There are no other limitations – by age, height, weight, eye color etc.

2. If you are booking online you will receive the booking confirmation by e-mail. For any kind of booking, one day before the quest we will call you by phone in order to confirm that you did not change your plans and will come for the new experiences.

3. Try to arrive 10-15 minutes before the quest start. We offer a cozy environment, a comfortable sofa, tea, coffee, sweets.

4. Please note that players under alcohol or drug influence are not admitted to the game.

5. You will receive the initial instructions and necessary information from our operator. He or she will remind you once again all the rules and details of the quest that you are participating in.

6. Your personal belongings, bags, mobile phones have to be stored in a closed cubby. Do not worry, they will be safe. Everything you need to pass the quest you can find inside the room.

7. After receiving necessary instructions you will receive a radio transmitter to contact the operator. Then you will enter the room and the door will be locked behind you. From that moment on you have 60 minutes to solve all the puzzles and reach your goal.

8. Our operator is constantly watching you during your quest. In case you get stuck he can give you a hint. It is enough to request his help by your radio transmitter. The operator will interrupt your actions if he considers your actions dangerous or if they prevent you from passing the quest successfully.

9. To pass all the quests you do not need any special physical strength or any specific knowledge. You also do not need to break anything during the game. Do not try to dismantle electrical sockets or do any other weird things. Treat the quest as an intellectual adventure!

10. Please do not take anything away with you from the quest. The most important thing you can take with you is loads of positive emotions and the feeling of accomplishment from completing the challenge.

Good luck!